The picture below shows a crashed airplane.  This aircraft was a surplus unit purchased by my father and his brother after WWII.  Their intention was to start air courier service. After they bought the plane they had to fly it from Madera, California to Manteca, California about an 80 mile trip.  The aircraft was a two seater and Lt. Dickman and his brother, also a pilot flipped a coin to see who would have the front seat and pilot the flight to Manteca.  My father lost the coin flip and had the rear seat.  Upon approach to the airstrip the plane lost power and crashed killing Lt. Dickman’s brother instantly.  After surviving 26 missions in combat this wreck nearly killed him.  My mother worked at the hospital where he spent 7 months in traction.  My mother took special care of this man, this started their lifelong relationship.  My father witnessed 1000’s of men being blown to bits in air battlefields of WWII.  None of those casualties impacted him more than the guilt he carried for his oldest brothers death.